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Camp Activity & Missions (CAMS) are interactive and FUN!

CAM# 1- Playing Ocean Bowl Balln Out

Players should have read the magazine for this event, but we also recommend they read the Ocean Bowl Book series title “A Real Gift”. An adobe PDF version will be provided on the computer and made available for download. The object of the game Balln Out is to be the first to score 10 goals in the giant clam goals the CPU (Krug). There will be a time-limit of 5 minutes per game to beat Krug and move on.

100 points will go to the player who wins his/her game. If the participant doesn’t beat Krug in the time allotted the players points will be multiplied by 10 and totaled to the team score. 

CAM# 2- Playing Ocean Bowl Aqua Ball Clash

The squads will play in a one vs one against their opposing squad. They will have a 1-minutes warmup game to have a 5-minute game. The squads may decide to switch up players after that warmup game. The first player to score 5 goals or if they have the higher sore before the time runs out, they will “clash match”. If a squad wins two clash matches, they will win the round and 100 points. The losing squad will receive 50 points. The winner will also get to pick from the green booster card deck and the other squad will get a black booster card deck. 

CAM#3- Designing my paper airplane was so cool!!

We use the “Art of Engineering” to help kids use their imagination to design, build, and implement various science activities; inclusive of (not limited to) paper airplane building, team jersey logo design, and floatable devices. For team logos as an example:

Kids review the example logos and team names in the magazine,

Use the design process to design and create your team logo in the digital illustration,

Save and present your teamwork,

On the day of the event, you have time to print and apply your team logo to your team shirts, and

To celebrate the completion of this CAM, the squad leader will get to select a booster card from the green deck.

The plan would be to go to the schools with a partner or sponsor to run a “signing day” assembly. Part of that day’s activity would have the participants print out their team logos and attach them to their team jerseys. This way they can have a chance to celebrate and practice with their team jerseys. We will capture this footage via photo and video.

The below pictures illustrate the youth putting the Art of Engineering in action:


CAM #4- Scuba Attack eGame Tourney

The game will include questions about science, engineering, and math (STEM based concepts). Tourney mode button will be greyed out until activated by the gamemaster. Since this event is in Squad Tourney mode, it will have a final tally of meters, questions points score, coins collected for a total cumulated score (each question answered correctly will be 100 points, bonus of +100 points if you answer all questions correctly, coins 1pts). For each round the player will see the total when the final round is played there will be a grand total score computation for each team. The squad with the greatest total score wins their match. 

Every 1000 meters, the partciapnts will be met with a question. Whether they get the question wrong or right, they will advance to another stage. There are players on a squad, so there will be three rounds played (one round per player) per match. During the setup of their squads, team leads will select who will play. For the first rounds, Jay must be selected, second, Oria, and the third and final round, Zac. For the quarter finals, each round will be 3 minutes. For final four and championship, the three rounds will be 5 minutes each.

In order to experience and participate in the design and build activities, you’ll need to register for our next STEAM eSports league. Go to the Registration tab on the main page to sign up.

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