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Thank you for joining our Game On community. We are working on being the number one team and tool for your gamified experience.

This Team Leaderboard application is simple but powerful in terms of providing you just what you need to create leaderboards for small or large groups like schools, parks and recreations, sports leagues and more.

Simple because we just record points. That’s it. No wins, loses, turnovers, etc.

To report bugs and defects or suggestions, please contact We usually respond within 48 hours.

Enjoy and let's get our Game On.

To get started, you must have the ADMINISTRATOR or EDITOR role. The administrator role allows access to the Settings function. In the Setting function you can use the Organization Manager to edit already created organizations. Be careful, if you delete an organization, it will delete all associated leaderboards, groups, and subgroups. (In the near future only Administrator Roles will have the permissions to create Organizations. Editors will have the capability to create Groups and sub groups.. for example… Classrooms and Teams)

As an Editor, you should see the option to Create a leaderboard under an organization > group > and sub group.

The interface is simple and intuitive. You will easily be able to View Leaderboard (You can drill down and go to a specific Team by clicking the link on the main leaderboard.) See the Top Teams (These are ALL the teams in all the organizations). See the Top State (You can search by State and see all main leaderboard and teams for that State) See the Top Players (from all teams in your Community)’

To create a team and players is very easy. Just click the Create Team button. Choose your organization, group, and subgroup. Add the title and description of the team and logo. Add the number of players and click save. You will then be taken to the Player creation creation. Enter players name and information.

Game On - Leaderboard for Teams is a 2023 registered copywritten application for WordPress. It was created by Creative Mindset Productions; an animation, gaming, and music factory. (

Privacy policy is on our main website.

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