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Do you play any electronic games?

ESports turns online gaming into a spectator sport. It mimics the experience of watching a professional sporting event, except instead of watching a physical event, spectators watch video gamers compete against each other. The eSports trend has become so widespread in recent years that games can often be viewed at an organized arena event.

 Although the eSports industry is not new (it has been around since the 1990s) it has only recently begun to gain traction. Advances in technology have allowed the user experience to replicate real life. Plus, advanced Internet services solve connectivity issues and allow the user and the spectator to immerse themselves in the game without interruption.

What do the participants of our esports league do? What e-games do they play?

The kids play electronic games (e-games for short) in-person or online via mobile tablets or computers against other teams in a friendly, but yet competitive format.  Thus becoming an esport.   Our e-games are full of integrated curriculum that re-enforces what’s being taught in a classroom by state approved teachers.   We ask the teachers, principals, and parents, what are the subjects (Reading, Science, Math, and more) that we can insert into the game so that little Johnny Blue can experience a pop-up question; with multiple choice answers that he/she can select to win a power-up or point while playing the games.


The figure in the left column shows the three edutainment games – Balln Out, Scuba Attack, and Aquaball Clash.  The kids are put into a fun but learning experience that changes their perspective on engaging education and even help with those nagging tests they have to take all year long. 

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